Ideas are endless,

clarity is rare?

The missing clarity and focus often leads to the selection of product ideas that

clog development pipelines, causing a long time-to-market and stay far behind their expectations on the market

A clear north star helps to find the right ideas with the commitment from everybody


... no endless discussions or disappointed team members.

... all decision-makers are committed.

... you have objective, clear criteria for your selection process.

... you have a development pipeline that allows a fast time-to-market.

I help you create

an Innovation North Star

in just two hours,

which is supported

by all relevant stakeholders and helps you to select the right ideas .

How does it work


We have a 30min Call where we clarify the conditions, define the participants (up to 7 relevant Stakeholders), and fix a date.

Circled 2 C

A few days before the workshop, all participants get two questions they need to answer upfront (less than 15min).

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In the 120 Minute Online Workshop, we will define the whole Innovation North Star with the commitment of all present stakeholders.


An written Innovation North Star, with clear and objective criteria for your challenge

Get To Know Me

Yep. Thats me!

Hi, my name is Florian, and I'm half an engineer and half an economist and a full-hearted process lover.

I am an innovation facilitator with over twelve years of experience seen it all and done even more.

I bring clarity to your innovation projects.

What experts and customers say about it

As an innovation facilitator with a lot of experience in product development, Florian is the right address if you want to get a trustworthy decision base.

Gijs van Wulfen

Innovation Author and Keynote Speaker

If you are looking for a fast way to get clarity for your business case, I recommend Florian's work.

Cristhian Soto

Innovation Professor

Florian is probably the best support you can get if you still struggle on what ideas you want to execute.

Lars Behrendt

Innovation Expert

Florian is very knowledgeable on the topic of innovation and he has a very structured approach. I would highly recommend his services or any course that he would run

Karen Luyt

Consultant BCX

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Das kleine Feld 14, 34277 Fuldabrück, Germany

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+49 176 24868879

Endless ideas?

Limited budgets?

Let me help.

Florian Hameister

Dipl. -Wirtschaftsingenieur

Innovation facilitator